Expedition Writer - Uwe Lützen

The Sound Development City expedition 2014 is being accompanied by author Uwe Lützen. As Expedition Writer he travels with the group to document the expedition as a whole, lay open connections between the artistic positions, engage in a process-oriented dialogue with the artists, their personal logbooks and observe the creative potential of the expedition's setting. He will publish notes, studies, articles and fragments.

Bio: Uwe Lützen - (CH, *1970)
Writer. One of the adventures in writing stories is the play between the dramatic structure defined by the economics of information and the unscheduled discoveries in a fictional universe. The process resembles an expedition that meanders between a scheduled itinerary and jumbled discoveries.
Works as screenwriter for cinema and TV (a.o. DEAD FUCKING LAST) and as script doctor. Also in projects that explore storytelling in scenographically designed spaces and exhibitions (museum, corporate, tourism).
Also a background in theatre as director and writer. Studies in Zurich and Amsterdam with a master degree in Film Studies and German Literature and Linguistics.


Sound Development City Team

The 'Journal' section of the Sound Development City 2014 logbook is made up of daily reports, program announcements, statements, images and notes collected by the Sound Development City team.

The short reports on the artist's projects and the whereabouts of the expedition and impressions from the expedition cities are written and collected by the project directors Duscha Kistler and Andalus, as well as Nicholas Schärer, Joëlle Kost and Lukem.